Cool Video: McCain sticking out his tongue at Obama at the end of Third debate…

I never noticed this on the debate last night. SNL this Saturday will not only make fun of the “Joe the Plumber” stuff they will also make fun of McCain picking on Obama toward the end. Forward to 4:23 in the video and you can see McCain doing a little dance and sticking his tongue out at Obama. Obama saw him do that as he walked over to grab his glass of water and he turned around and laughed at him. I can’t wait to see Saturday Night Live’s version of this!!!


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  1. Dude, I watched it over and over. I went over to Youtube, put it on Hi def and blew it up and watched it over and over. He’s NOT sticking his tongue out at Obama, and what retard told you he was? Maybe they weren’t a retard, maybe they just have wonky eyes, but in any event, whoever told you that McCain was sticking his tongue out at Obama was wrong. Anyway. Watch it again. He walked around the wrong side of the desk. He messed up. He goofed. He made a goofy Homer Simpson “DOH!” face. He stuck his tongue out AT HIMSELF. We all make mistakes, just not usually in front of tens of millions of people.

    Anyway, shouldn’t you be glad that he wasn’t? What the hell kind of president of the goddamned US of freakin A sticks his tongue out at people like a six year old?

  2. “He walked around the wrong side of the desk. He messed up.”

    He didn’t mess up or never made a mistake, he knew exactly where he was walking, I think he was just goofing around and having a little fun. Since Obama laughed too, Obama knew he was just playin’.


  3. I hate to disagree, but Obama was laughing because he thought “what the fuck is he doing?” Certainly not the behaviour you’d want to see in a debate or playing the carom off the Green Monster. What’s up with Obama’s blue lips?

  4. So what you’re saying is that you actually want a president who would stick his tongue out at people like a six year old? Any way you look at it, it made McCain look pretty stupid. He wasn’t playing. He walked around the wrong side of the desk, and then he made a face. Watch it again, and then Google “McCain sticks tongue out” to see what every person on planet Earth other than freaks, inbreds, trailer trash, retards, people with wonky eyes, and right wing kooks are saying. He messed up. After making the goofy face he pointed both ways in a cartoony “which way do I go?” look, watching Schieffer for a clue. Schieffer directed him the OTHER way.

    The way it looked to me, McCain was naturally following Obama’s lead. Is Obama that powerful and charismatic of a leader that an old warhorse like McCain would blindly follow him without second thought?

  5. I just think that McCain was AMPED UP!!! As a younger man he was a wolfchild howling at the moon. Always on the edge. I think it was an honest mistake though. Maybe he should try decaf?

  6. Think about it, if you were going to trip over a desk, you wouldn’t stick your tongue out accidentally. McCain was just foolin’ and jokin’. There is nothing wrong with a sense of humor once in a while. They all were havin’ a little fun at the end of the debate.


  7. And if I were you, I would lay off on the “retards” and “wonky eyes” comments. They are immature and offensive.


  8. OK, of the two of the men pictured, which looks more “presidential?” One has character and dignity, the other looks like a drunken frat boy looking like he’s going to “accidentally” grab some black dude’s ass.

    I rest my case.

    The man on the left looks like he’s ready to go fifteen rounds with Hugo Chavez and kick some ass. The man on the right looks like he’s ready to go for fifteen rounds of Jagermeister. You know, to celebrate his first BJ. Or to get the nasty taste of Joe the Plumber out of his mouth, one of the two.

    I’m a little disappointed that you’re even looking at TMZ, I thought only, you know, THOSE people looked at that site. You know what I mean.

  9. There it is Kev! Once again you put the naysayers to shame!

    It’s quite clear with the evidence provided in this one picture that Mccain’s intentions are EXACTLY what Kev is saying! ROCK ON!

  10. hey that guy who wrote in is right!
    Osama really does have blue lips! Why is that?
    Is it an Octaroon thing or like one of those tribal rites they do in the South Pacific?
    I wonder if this Osama Barrack is related to the Tonga Kid or them tag teamers THE WILD SAMOANS!!
    Man, them & that Jimmy The Snuka were the best. Way better than these h*mos today.
    Too bad Jimmy The Snuka made that comment on Monday Night Football about the “Blacks being a better ayyythlete” or whatever he said.
    They should bring him back as a coach or something.
    He could teach these new wrestlers how to be good like the old days with the Iron Sheek and Andre & that Scottish dude. He was funny.

    But if anyone knows abous Osama’s purple lips that would be cool to know why.
    lol maybe he’s a ‘mentat’ like in the DUNE novels! They all had purple lips, too! But they were white people, though of course, because they were scientists & really really smart & in the future.

  11. Geez, what really happened was I licked my lips because I was nervous. The debate was over which I clearly won with my easy-going disposition. It was time to stand up and walk around and, well, I had a boner. A big one too.

  12. This might possibly be the most ridiculous political post I have read to date. Sticking his tongue out at Obama? Are you kidding!?!? Oh well, back to political stories that have a bit more substance. Cheers.

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