BREAKING NEWS: WWE sued for use of John Cena’s theme song…

The famous rap group M.O.P. has sued the World Wrestling Entertainment accusing them of borrowing John Cena’s current entrance theme “My Time Is Now” from M.O.P’s song “Ante Up”. The two songs sounds different and are both different songs, however, M.O.P. is accusing the WWE borrowing Cena’s famous one liner, “BRRR Abado”, that Cena sings in the beggining of the song. The rap group claimed the WWE stole that catchphrase from their song.

According to the lawsuit documents TMZ posted, the rap group wants WWE to stop playing the song and seeking cash for damages as well. John Cena the wrestler himself is not being sued by the rappers, they are suing the WWE company alone.

TMZ reports:

Listen to the two songs below and listen closely to that “Bbbbbrraa abado” they both do. Yep, they both sound exactly the same. So WWE will probably lose another lawsuit. WWE probably didn’t think it was against a copyright infrigement to even borrow one line from another song, now they will.


John Cena’s theme song

M.O.P. Ante Up

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