Report: Angelina Jolie to back out on Hollywood also?

First Joaquin Phoenix backed out on Hollywood movies out of the blue, Angelina Jolie maybe the next in line. She is thinking about quitting acting in movies too. The reason? Family. Yep, with 6 kids she’s taking care of and wanting a lot more is what made her want to quit movies soon.

She plans on working throughout the month of Feb. (which I imagine she’ll be filming that action/thriller “Salt” around that time) and then she’ll take a year off, so for right now, she’s not quitting for good.

More on it here:,,20240269,00.html

Even if she’s one of my top favorite actresses, I love her acting in movies to death, I’m all for her quitting, sure. When she’s a rich woman, she can have as many kids as she wants. She became too big of a star these days that she don’t really need to do any movies at all, I can totally understand her why she wants to back down.

I wonder if Brad would continue working even for his family life too? I’m sure he’ll speak out on this soon. Both Brad and Angelina are talented actors. I like Brad’s work too. He’s starred in a lot of really really good movies such as “Sleepers”, “Meet Joe Black”, “Fight Club”, “Se7en”, “The Ocean’s trilogy”, “Twelve Monkeys”, etc. He too also had his share of starring in some pretty bad films like “The Mexican” and “Burn After Reading” were both horrible films. His new film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” doesn’t look too interesting to me either so I’ll wait on DVD for that one.

I’m dissapointed that Joaquin Phoenix is quitting movies as I want Phoenix to continue, but I don’t really care if Angelina and Brad backs out though.


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