Report: Twentieth Century Fox acquires rights to Alex Greven’s “How to Talk to Girls” to be made into a movie…

If you want advice and having trouble picking up girls of your dreams, ask this little guy pictured above and he’ll teach you how to talk to girls better. Since the 9 year old author recently published a book with Harper Collins titled, “How to Talk to Girls”, is creating controversy in the media. Twentieth Century Fox,  just nabbed the rights to make the book into a film for the big screen.

Fox hasn’t yet hired a writer or a producer but they already have a plot idea…where Alex Greven is writing the book for a class assignment for his third grade class, to help classmates break the ice with the opposite sex.

You could probably get the first four editions for $9.99 each at bookstores everywhere. The books are not only for children, it’s for men of all ages.

Variety Reports:

Fox is probably going to get Alex Greven to play himself in the movie, I’ll bet your money on it.

This kid is never going to be single when he gets older though. I see him being a big time womanizer and a “playa” whenever he turns 18. Women will be all over him.


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