BREAKING NEWS: “Marley and Me” breaks no. 1 in the box office on Christmas day…

Out of the 5 films: “Marley and Me”, “Bedtime Stories”, “Benjamin Button”, “The Spirit” and “Valkyrie”, which were released on Christmas day yesterday, “Marley and Me” is the no. 1 movie on Christmas day of 2008. “Marley and Me” which stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, made a whopping 14.8 million.

“Marley and Me”, is a film about a young couple who moves to Florida after Owen Wilson’s character graduates from college, the couple adopts a dog named Marley. Marley is a hyper active and friendly dog that is part of a family, the movie is adapted from the novel by John Grogan.

Adam Sandler’s “Bedtime Stories” which is a Disney film didn’t do so well, it only made $10.5 million on Christmas day but should pick up over the weekend, when parents starts taking their kids to the movies after Christmas. “Benjamin Button” which stars Brad Pitt, only made $11.8 million, but is also expected to move up over the weekend.

The Tom Cruise and Bryan Singer WW II Nazi flick “Valkyrie” only made $8.5 million, which is understandable why it didn’t make much on a Christmas day since it’s a Nazi flick and it’s a pretty controversial film. I haven’t seen “Valkyrie” yet, but plan on seeing it this weekend, definitely.

“The Spirit” is a bomber, it only made 4 million, ouch!!! I’m still going to see “Valkyrie” and the movie looks interesting, just because movies don’t do well in the theater’s box office, doesn’t mean it sucks. I’ve seen plenty of great movies that bombed. And on top of that, most successful movies are not good anyways.

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