Thought: “Wall-E” is amazing but not worthy enough for “Best Picture” for the Oscars…

I finally saw, “Wall-E” last night and here is just a brief review. I loved it, I thought it was wonderful, great and entertaining, but I don’t find it worthy enough for a “Best Picture” win at the Oscars. It does deserve the nomination for “Best Picture”, yes, but definitely not winning the whole thing. The reason that “Wall-E” would be qualified to get “BEST PICTURE” nomination is because the film is both live action and animation put together in one film.

I really liked the story to “Wall-E”, it’s a love story where Wall-E falls in love with another female robot named Eve. A science fiction, action adventure story. What I love the most about “Wall-E” is the animation and the CGI graphics of the film. It’s indeed, Pixar’s best film. I liked the film a lot. It is a great film for all to see.


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