Cool Video: Mickey Rourke vs. Jericho heats up on Larry King live last night…

Mickey Rourke and Chris Jericho both appeared on Larry King Live last night to help promote Wrestlemania 25. Mickey was in Larry’s studio live in person, Jericho was on via sattelite.

Of course, Jericho is in character acting like the badguy he always is, and Mickey is just being a nice guy throughout most of the interview. Yes, wrestling is fake, but these guys are just trying to make this storyline realistic. In this interview you can clearly see that Jericho is making Rourke look like a little kid, lol.

Mickey challenged Jericho a boxing match, not a wrestling match. See the funny interview here. Will Mickey actually appear on RAW in person this coming Monday? We’ll have to tune in and see.


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