Wrestlemania 25 review: ****SPOILER WARNING****

So I watched Wrestlemania 25 last night, here is my review of each match and the ppv over all. I’ll scroll down a bit with a spoiler warning for those wrestling fans who didn’t watch it yet…so if you haven’t watched it yet, do not scroll down any further:











CM Punk wins the “Money in the Bank Ladder Match” for the 2nd time – I kind of had a feeling that WWE were going to give the win to CM Punk. Christian almost had the win, he was doing good, but of course, they had to give it to CM Punk. I was rooting for Christian to win, but my prediction was wrong on this match. This match was ok. It had some pretty good bumps and dangerous stunts but nothing all that special.

“Santina” Marella wins the 25 Diva Battle Royal – During the Kid Rock live performance, the 25 Divas started walking down the ramp, dancing with Kid Rock while he’s performing and Divas giving him kisses as they made their way to the ring to begin the “25 Diva Battle Royal”. This was actually a pretty entertaining match for comic material. There were some returning Divas from the past, coming back for this one match. Divas like: Molly Holly, Sunny, Gail Kim, Torrie Wilson, Victoria, and a few other past Divas in action. The match ended with Beth Phoenix trying to eliminate a Diva over the top rope, when a Diva named “Santina” Marella, pushed Beth Phoenix over and elminated her. “Santina” Marella is the winner. Who is “Santina” Marella? It’s no one other than male wrestler Santino Marella dressed as a woman. It was funny. It’s good to have some comedy in wrestling sometimes.

Chris Jericho defeated the Legends – Here is a prediction I got right. I knew Chris Jericho was going to win this one no matter what happens. This match was fucking awesome. I think this was one of the best matches of the night. Piper and Snuka was wrestling pretty well, but Ricky Steamboat was amazing and he still has it. The match ended with Ricky and Chris wrestling in the ring together alone. At age 50 or over, Ricky still has his technical high flying moves he did in the past. Mickey Rourke was at ringside. After the match got over with, Chris Jericho called Mickey Rourke to the ring to beg him to apologize. Instead, Mickey punched Jericho in the face and knocked him out. Then Ric Flair entered the ring to celebrate it with Rourke. Entertaining. My favorite match of Wrestlemania 25.

Rey Mysterio wins the IC title from JBL – This match only lasted for a quick 5 minutes. Rey Mysterio came out wearing a Joker “Dark Knight” Heath Ledger costume. Although the match was pretty quick, it was a powerful moment of Wrestlemania history that people will be talking about for years.

Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in Extreme Rules match – As usual, these two put on great matches. This match was the best they’ve ever done. Lots of high flying and dangerous stuff, typical Hardy Boys match, you get the drill.

John Cena wins the Champ from Edge and Big Show in Triple Threat – I think I’m starting to like John Cena more and more. Used to not like him like everyone else, but Cena is improving and becoming more entertaining than ever. I think this was his best match in a long while.

Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels – Now this felt like a Wrestlemania match, this match was hands down incredible, it felt like the 80’s all over again with this match. If WWE keeps having matches like this in Wrestlemania, people would get interested again. Both men performed wonderfully. This match was electrifying and jaw dropping. This match easily goes down in Wrestlemania history.

Triple H retains title with match against Randy Orton – This match was pretty much nothing special, a real sleeper. It felt like a RAW main event match, not a Wrestlemania match. There were no interferences and no weapons used in this match, this match was wrestled cleanly.

Overall a, pretty good Wrestlemania. Best matches of the night were “Chris Jericho vs. the Legends” and “Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels”. Hope WWE does better next year.


3 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 25 review: ****SPOILER WARNING****”

  1. “There were no interferences and no weapons used in this match, this match was wrestled cleanly.”


  2. “There were no interferences and no weapons used in this match, this match was wrestled cleanly.”


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