Report: Ozzy sues Tony Iommi, accusing guitarist of stealing Black Sabbath name…

Ozzy Osbourne, has filed a lawsuit against the legendary guitarist, Tony Iommi. Tony and Ozzy teamed up together in the late 60’s to form a heavy metal band, named Black Sabbath. Ozzy was fired from the band in 1980 due to heavy drug use and heavy drinking. Later, the band continued on, and replaced Ozzy with Ronnie James Dio. The band still used the Black Sabbath name even without Ozzy.

The guys in Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio are now under a new name of, Heaven and Hell, which they are still together, playing and touring today.

More on it here:

Sorry, Ozzy, but Tony Iommi, DOES own the copyright and trademark name to the Black Sabbath band name.

I have the proof…

From the trademark website, read who’s the registrant to the Black Sabbath name which is still live, this means Tony still has the right to use the name whenever he wants:

Ozzy will lose this one, big time. Wow, talk about a big stab in the back, Ozzy, you egomaniac.


Edit to add: Ozzy just released a statement for the public, being a little more clear on the lawsuit that he wants the Black Sabbath name to be trademarked by all 4 members of Black Sabbath since they created more of a legacy then, Ronnie James Dio. I’ll take back with what I said above, and I’ll now agree with Ozzy. Ozzy actually has a good point that Black Sabbath should be owned by all 4 members. Ozzy was a pretty important member of the band which is why he deserves ownership too. So maybe this lawsuit is a good thing. My bad!

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