Report: Think Tyson is upset of his daughter’s death? Think again…his producers says he’s fine and good…

I’m sure some may think that “Iron” Mike Tyson maybe heartbroken and think his life maybe over ’cause of the death of his 4 year old daughter, but his producers says he is fine and good. They say he can “deal with this” and he’s pulling through this for his family.

I’m sure Tyson feels a little sad of Exodus’s death, but it seems to me, not that sad.

More on it here:,,20282247,00.html

Of course, “Iron” Mike wouldn’t feel that emotion. No surprise. He cares about himself, his life with boxing and the fame. Hmmmm, no wonder why he is hardily ever at home much when he should be home with his family. His movie, “The Hangover”, must be more important.


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