Thought: Why Ozzy has a point that all 4 band members should own the “Black Sabbath” trademark name…please read…to those that are uninformed about music…

I know Ozzy Osbourne is getting a lot of shit and hate about suing Tony Iommi about him being the only owner of the “Black Sabbath” band name, him being the registrant of the trademark. If you actually think about it, Ozzy has valid points on why all band members should own their share of the trademark. Tony and Ozzy both formed Black Sabbath together, I can understand why Ozzy is pissed about this.

To you music fans that don’t know anything about Black Sabbath, do some resarch on their history. Listen to all their albums with Ozzy as the frontman. Black Sabbath has sold the most records more than any other band in America, only the ones with Ozzy as frontman. These guys are the inventors and pioneers of this genre they created in the 70’s, called heavy metal. The guys don’t deserve ownership of the band name?

The band’s debut album, “Black Sabbath” made certified platinum. They don’t deserve ownership of the band name? What about their next album, “Paranoid” which is their biggest selling album in history and that album is an essential.

Black Sabbath is the most influential band of all time. Without the band, we would get no Metallica, we would get none of those 80’s hair metal bands or metal music wouldn’t be around at all. Black Sabbath created the metal genre for us. Don’t fucking tell me that Ozzy Osbourne isn’t in the right for this lawsuit, ’cause if you think about it, Ozzy did a great thing.

Tony claims he owns Black Sabbath all for himself because he is trademarked to it, and Ozzy is trying to prove that he doesn’t own it for himself. It isn’t about the money with Ozzy’s suit. It’s all about the legacy and the fame that the band created with Ozzy being part of the band. It’s not about jealousy and it isn’t an ego thing either.

If you use  a little common sense, you’ll figure it out.

Read some of Black Sabbath’s history and information here in wikipedia:

Read books about the band, read magazine articles about ’em, see their videos, live concert DVD’s, etc. Then you’ll start to understand why Ozzy Osbourne has a valid point in this suit.

I’m an avid Black Sabbath fan, I totally agree that it is wrong that Tony kept the band name all for himself. Hopefully, Tony will do the smart thing and sell some of the trademark to share with each band member.

I think Tony will agree with it. He seems like a good man with a good heart, I’m sure he’ll take upon Ozzy’s request. I’ll be on the lookout for more news on this.


One thought on “Thought: Why Ozzy has a point that all 4 band members should own the “Black Sabbath” trademark name…please read…to those that are uninformed about music…”

  1. As is the case with so many classic band/singer combinations, neither Sab nor Ozzy are nearly as good without the other. When I hear solo Ozzy on the radio, it just sounds like bubblegum compared to, say, the Master of Reality album, and I just never found any of the Dio-era stuff (and for that matter, whatever anonymous doofuses have done the honors in more recent years) all that engaging. (I do admit that the Ian Gillan-led Born Again album is a guilty pleasure of mine, though.) If they can’t play nice with one another, they should just leave the name alone.

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