Thought: Lets be honest, the WWE currrently sucks so bad right now…

I am very quickly losing interest in the WWE. Why? There are many reasons. Some of the reasons is the horrible writing, the bad mic work of the superstars (many of them are getting too nervous speaking in front of a crowd and mumbling by mistake), the wrestling in the matches haven’t been all that exciting anymore. It’s getting ridiculous.

The thing that bothers me so much is why so many kids and families still watch it. My belief is that the wrestlers gimmicks is what they are interested in. Do you think the people will come to WWE shows if wrestlers didn’t have gimmicky costumes and silly characters? No.

It’s no wonder why UFC is more popular because people want to see real fighting and people being real to each other. Not fake gimmicks and stupid storylines. So you understand why Brock Lesnar left the WWE to join UFC now instead, right?

The matches themselves at WWE shows have been such a sleeper and so boring. No excitement and no thrills like they had back in the early 80’s and 90’s. Wrestling fans want to see a thrill “ride” in a match. We aren’t getting any of that. WWE matches today are way too predictable. You always know what’s going to happen next, almost all the time.

If WWE concentrated more on the wrestling and not the silly storylines and gimmicky bullshit, the WWE could get more respect. These days the WWE is all about Vince. Vince is about amusing himself with storylines and matches.

Wrestlers today are so gimmicky is almost like a cartoon. The Divas haven’t been all that interesting either. The WWE today is more like a soap opera and the movies. It is totally staying away from the actual sport of wrestling.

More on the entertainment side.

The only current superstars that I love in the WWE today are: Triple H, Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy, the Undertaker, and Kane. Everyone else in the current WWE roster is like, meh.

Such a shame. I’ve been in love with the wrestling business for years, loved it ever since I was a little kid. Now Vince has brought the wrestling industry to an embarrassment. I personally think the WWE has lost it since the Chris Benoit tragedy. Before then, the WWE was getting really good, but after the Chris Benoit thing, the company has been sucking since then. The WWE has lost too many wrestlers over drugs and other crimes, which also probably turned fans off.

This is what made my decision to start supporting UFC more, ’cause I’m losing interest in WWE. I’ll still watch WWE RAW every Monday, sure, just for something to watch on TV on a Monday, I don’t think I will watch WWE ppvs as much anymore.


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