Cool Video: Trailer for Roland Emmerich’s “2012”…

Here’s Roland Emmerich’s third movie about the world coming to an end. The other two movies about this topic were “ID4” and “The Day After Tomorrow”. This one is, “2012”, that stars John Cusack in the leading role.

Read the story and see trailer released exclusively at yahoo movies:

Don’t believe this phony bullshit that the world is going to end soon. It’s just Roland’s fantasies and he even admitted in this article that he made it up for a story.

I do believe that Earth will end one day, but not this soon. It probably won’t happen like in another billion years. They do this “2012” shit, just to try and scare people.

As far as my thoughts on the film, it looks like a silly popcorn flick that I won’t be interested in, so it looks like a wait for DVD thing for me.


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