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I’m actually kind of glad that Will Smith isn’t in “Independence Day: Resurgence”…

The photo above is the cast photo for “Independence Day 2” which is gonna be titled “Resurgence”. Some cast members from the first one are coming back, that includes Jeff Goldblum, Brent Spiner and Bill Pullman. All three are pictured above. Brent Spiner is well-known for playing, Dr. Okum from the first one and Bill Pullman was President Whitmore. Vivica A. Fox is coming back as well.

I’m sure Roland Emmerich tried to get Will Smith back for the next movie but it looks like he said “No” which is good actually. I’m not a big Will Smith fan at all. That guy is a bit overrated anyway. Why did he turn it down? Roland says that Will wanted to be in it at first but he changed his mind ’cause he got tired of doing sequels which is understandable. After doing the three “Men In Black” films and the two “Bad Boys” films, maybe Will just didn’t need another big franchise? Ah well, I’m sure the sequel will do fine in the box office without him.


I am a huge fan of the first movie so I’ll be looking forward to this one too. Glad to see Brent Spiner in a major blockbuster movie. When was the last time you saw him in one? Remember, Spiner used to be Data in “Star Trek: TNG”.


Cool Video: Trailer for Roland Emmerich’s “2012”…

Here’s Roland Emmerich’s third movie about the world coming to an end. The other two movies about this topic were “ID4” and “The Day After Tomorrow”. This one is, “2012”, that stars John Cusack in the leading role.

Read the story and see trailer released exclusively at yahoo movies:


Don’t believe this phony bullshit that the world is going to end soon. It’s just Roland’s fantasies and he even admitted in this article that he made it up for a story.

I do believe that Earth will end one day, but not this soon. It probably won’t happen like in another billion years. They do this “2012” shit, just to try and scare people.

As far as my thoughts on the film, it looks like a silly popcorn flick that I won’t be interested in, so it looks like a wait for DVD thing for me.