Report: Kanye vs. Taylor Swift segment helps VMA’s get 11 million viewers…

Just a little more evidence that the Kanye vs. Taylor segment could be scripted. That one part helped sky rocket the ratings to 11 million viewers. Pretty good ratings, I must say. The highest ratings of any MTV VMA award show in a while.

More on it here:

MTV hasn’t yet said publicily whether that segment was staged or scripted or whatever. They knew something like this would create controversy and to help get more viewers, so they went with this Kanye vs. Taylor thing.

It’s almost like a WWE kind of thing. Speaking of WWE, Kanye should be a RAW guest host for an episode. WWE would probably end up asking him after this. I’m sure of it.


2 thoughts on “Report: Kanye vs. Taylor Swift segment helps VMA’s get 11 million viewers…”

  1. You’re probably right.
    These entertainment types from ‘tha hood’ are always drunk or looking for publicity. I can’t blame him, really. I think he is just jealous and secretly attracted to a PYWT (PrettyYoungWhiteThang) but is afraid that all the sistahz out there will be mad at him for not “keeping to his own” …as THEY like to say.
    You probably already knew that Mrs.MacMahon is running for the president in Connecticut against senator Dodd.

    I think she’ll winn for sure because Dodd is an Obama lover and everyone knows he’s just a liar and a moslem from Kenya now.
    GO MISS MACMAHON!!! It would be cool to have Vince as the “First Gentleman” in CT!


  2. p.s.
    Like my granddaddy Shorty Medlocke used to say… “That boy’s just like school on a Sunday in July…NO CLASS.”


    oh p.s. again– good post on dumbells for the forearms! If ya do other exercize you have to be holding that weight and that’s using the forearms already! People don’t get that. Good blog post.

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