BREAKING NEWS: Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy to star in “Mad Max: Fury Road”…

Charlize Theron has signed on to star in, “Mad Max: Fury Road”. UK actor, Tom Hardy who starred in “Black Hawk Down”, will star alongside Theron.

Does this mean a Mad Max movie without Mel Gibson?

The article never said anything about Mel Gibson being in it or not. So I think there is a possibility, that Mel Gibson may have quietly said “yes” to star in it and that they are waiting for the right time to announce Mel for the film. I think this article is a tease, that Mel could be in it.

I don’t know, Tom Hardy, is a very built and buffed guy. He also looks like a young Mel Gibson, unless, Tom Hardy plays Max’s son? A son that Max never knew he had?

Even though there is no confirmation of Mel Gibson returning, I am predicting he will say yes. Mel should be finished with Jodi Foster’s “The Beaver” by now, that’s another clue he could be returning.

Mel would be a fool if he turned this down. I think the film will tank without him.

Variety Reports:


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