Report: “Iron Man 2” poster revealed….

There it is. The new “Iron Man 2” teaser poster. While I like the first Iron Man movie a lot, I’m also looking forward to the next one. Only thing though, this poster is kind of silly. In fact, the poster is kind of gay. Notice how War Machine and Iron Man are standing ass to ass, facing away from each other. It might make families uncomfortable.


One thought on “Report: “Iron Man 2” poster revealed….”

  1. woahhhhhhhhhh just seeing that poster made me want to duct tape my rubber cheerio.
    that is definitly NOT a family friendly poster.
    I hope there aren’t “rainbow mafia” undertones in this new movie so they can be “PC” for all the prancy boys and women’s softball players.

    we just want a good action movie with a little humor. not all this Village People crap. I get enough of that at the bear parties Lance makes me go to all the time. A felching Iron Man is not what I want to see.


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