Finally saw, “It Might Get Loud”…

So today, I was shopping for music in Itunes, so I decided to rent “It Might Get Loud”. I had to watch it right away tonight since you only get to keep the rented film for 24 hours. I really was blown away with the film and I think it’s definitely one of the best music documentary’s I’ve ever seen. It was really powerful stuff.

I loved seeing the Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White in a room together, talking about music and playing guitars. It really shows their passion and obsession with music and guitar playing. So many great scenes in the film. One of my favorite scenes was when the Edge took a cheap Tascam 4 track and was listening to his old demos of U2 songs that weren’t even finished back then. I also loved the scene when the Edge was playing the song “Elevation”, he explains that the hit U2 song “Elevation” is actually a simple song to play, it’s the sounds effects on the pedals that’s making the song sound challenging. “Elevation” is just a simple two chord riff in the verses. I also loved the Edge, Jimmy and Jack teaching each other how to plays songs of the bands they play in.

I respect Jack White in so many ways ’cause him and I are very similar. On the documentary, they showed how Jack wrote songs for the White Stripes. They showed footage of Jack sitting alone in a room with a guitar and a cheap tape recorder. He’ll just write the lyrics first, hit record and start playing. Not worrying the sound quality or how high tech the recording equipment is. That’s the way I always wrote and recorded music too. I never cared to get all high tech and get fancy with recording, I just wanted to record songs and just play no matter the sound quality. It can be a shitty sound or whatever. Nothing really have to be profesional when it comes to recording music and Jack White proves that.

Most profesional musicians would use all kinds of fancy and very expensive instruments and recording equipment, that they are all about perfection…but not with these guys. These guys will play with any guitar and record with any equipment, whatever they can get their hands on. They just want to play guitar and make music, that’s all they care about, period. This film gets very deep about playing the electric guitar.

It makes me want to concentrate on playing the electric guitar more than anything else. It makes me want to form myself a band and get myself out there, rockin’ in front of audiences. Just today, I played with my new electric guitar for a little while, and I had the BOSS Super Overdrive pedal on. I felt like I was in a different world and made me feel like home. The Super Overdrive pedal is a great guitar sound, kind of like a distortion pedal but not too heavy. Just a good enough pedal that I needed to get that rock n’ roll sound I want. Most of my acoustic songs that I wrote in the  past were originally intended to be electric guitar rock songs, so when I get a band, I will make them guitar rock versions.

“It Might Get Loud” is a great movie that will make you want to become a musician yourself. Do yourself a favor for all you music lovers out there, see the film and be inspired.


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