Last night’s RAW was real good.

Last night’s RAW with baseball legend Pete Rose being the guest host, was a really good show. I loved how the WWE finally put an end to the Pete Rose vs. Kane feud by having Shawn Michaels HBK wrestle Kane in a match. HBK won it, it helped put an end to the Pete Rose vs. Kane feud for good. I don’t expect the feud to go on any longer. I could be wrong though. Pete Rose could be at Wrestlemania to cost Kane the win of the “Money in the Bank Ladder Match”. Last night was almost like a Brothers of Destruction reunion for Undertaker and Kane. ‘Taker and Kane didn’t get in the ring at the same time, they switched places when the lights went off. So it was close for a ‘Taker and Kane reunion.

The Bret Hart segment was great. Bret came out giving a speech that he promises that he will beat Vince at Wrestlemania, then when Bret finished his speech, Vince came out and said something like, “This Sunday, you will be screwed”, then Vince walked to the back. This is why I don’t think Bret will win the match. The WWE has another “screwjob” planned for Bret at this year’s Wrestlemania. It could be worse than the Montreal one.

My favorite part of last night’s RAW was the Batista and John Cena segment at the end of it. Batista was out in the ring giving a speech surrounded by security, Cena comes out to join him. Batista says he’s in the WWE to make money and to win titles, and John Cena said something that’s awesome. He said, “I don’t see the animal, I see Dave Batista”. After Cena saying that makes me look forward to this match up now. I’m really impressed with Batista’s mic skills lately. He use to suck on the mic in the past, but he’s improving. Batista is doing a really good job playing a heel and he makes a good badguy. As for my prediction on who’ll win this matchup, I think it will be no one other than John Cena winning…so there can be another John Cena vs. Randy Orton match in the future.

I’m definetly watching WM-26 this Sunday and hope it’s gonna be a good one. I think there is a UFC ppv the night before, but I’m not watching UFC ’cause them Wrestlemania ppv’s the prices go a bit higher, so one ppv this month is enough for me.

I’m sure we’ll get a few returning wrestlers at WM-26. Possibly the Rock ’cause Dwayne confirmed a WWE return earlier this year. It be nice to see the Rock at Wrestlemania. If the Rock was to interfere a match, I see him doing a run-in during the Batista vs. Cena one. That’ll be a perfect way for the Rock vs. John Cena feud to start.


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