BREAKING NEWS: Warner Bros. announces Superman & Batman will return to the big screen in 2012!! Plus a bunch other projects announced!

Here are some shocking movie news for ya. Today Warner Bros. announced Superman will fly his way to the big screen around Christmas time in 2012, as Batman will return in July of 2012. Also announced, “Sherlock Homes 2”, WB’s is getting close to greenlighting a “Flash” movie. “Aqua Man” and “Wonder Woman” is also coming to the big screen.

The year 2011 will release “The Green Lantern” in 3D, “The Hangover 2”, the next Harry Potter film, “Red Riding Hood” and more.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Lets hope Warner Bros. makes the next “Superman” flick a real good one this time. I’m sure they will, since they got Christopher Nolan helping out with the next Supes flick. Chris definitely won’t be able to direct, “Superman” now ’cause it will be hard for him to direct two movies at the same time. It will be interesting to see who the director will be for the “Superman” movie. I personally think, the director should be no one other than the great, Richard Donner, who did the first Superman movie. If they can get Donner to direct, that would be fantastic. He’s 80 years old, but I think he’s still directing, I believe.


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