Report: Justin Bieber biopic on it’s way to the big screen, might be directed by Davis Guggenheim?

When the Twilight series is all over and done with, Hollywood is still doing whatever it takes to keep all the tweens entertained. Paramount Pictures has greenlighted a deal to make a Justin Bieber biopic for the big screen. The film will be in 3D and Davis Guggenheim is in negiations to direct. The film already has an official release date for February 11, 2011, Valentine’s Day weekend. Justin Bieber is a tween pop star that is also an internet phenomenon.

Deadline Reports:

You ask yourself, why does Justin Bieber deserve a biopic film this early, when many other musicians deserve it more than him? Well, that’s because Justin Bieber’s story is worth telling. Do you think Hollywood would do biopic films on Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Doors, etc. for no reason? No. There is a reason Hollywood makes movies on these legendary music stars. It’s not only to bring in money for the box office, but, it’s because that when Hollywood does biopics on bands, they have good enough stories that is worth telling to the whole world.

Justin Bieber’s story is worth telling for a lot of reasons. Everyone wants to know how this kid got into music early and everyone deserves to know how he got his popularity early.

I’m definitely not going to see this movie in theater but if the trailer looks interesting enough, I might wait for DVD on it.

I still stand by it, that his music is not that bad and it’s kind of a guilty pleasure.


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