Thought: A Metallica and Megadeth supergroup collaboration needs to happen soon!

Now that the Metallica and Megadeth feud is finally over with, does that mean there is a possible collaboration in the works sometime in the future? I think it might be a possibility that members of Metallica and Megadeth could collaborate on a studio album together in a supergroup, but giving it a different band name.  I can definitely see it happening. Maybe James, Kirk, and Lars can do a side project with Dave Mustaine, Chris Broderick and bassist Dave Ellefson with a new studio album with original songs. I can see this supergroup doing a tour together, playing a mix of Metallica and Megadeth hits along with their new originals.

Maybe Metallica and Megadeth will discuss a project together when both bands are done touring.Metallica and Megadeth looked great together on stage at Sonisphere, so I think a supergroup between them would work.

Hey, if it worked for supergroups like Chickenfoot and Them Crooked Vultures, why not Metallica/Megadeth form a supergroup for an album and tour? Again, it’ll probably happen but it definitely won’t happen right away.


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