Thought: I still support Lindsay Lohan…

So she failed more drug tests and admitted to it, when she was about to make a huge comeback to her entertainment career. Addiction is a tough and difficult road. Just because people are addicted to drugs or alcohol doesn’t make them a bad person. They are just troubled people that need help, that’s all. I know a few people like that in my life. You can’t be hating on these people and just respect them. Just wish them nothing but the best is a good thing to do. Drugs and alcohol is wrong, yes. I don’t do either.

When people have an addiction with drugs and alcohol, gotta give them the support that they need. I’m sure most of you readers have people in your lives that is experiencing addiction with drugs & alcohol. It’s a tough road to end, like I said. I think jail will be best for her too.

I just hope she will improve her life so she won’t end up another dead celebrity who died of drugs. People make mistakes, no one is perfect.


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