Thought: Why Led Zeppelin refuses to release their music for Guitar Hero or Rock Band…

Everybody wants the mighty Led Zeppelin to release their own Guitar Hero or Rock Band video game, but it will never happen. They never released their music to any of these games in the past. Why is this? Is it ego? Money? No, it’s neither. Led Zeppelin not releasing their old music to video games is nothing personal against the fans. The reason Jimmy Page wouldn’t allow it is because he wants kids to pick up a real guitar and learn Led Zep songs on a real guitar. Not on a video game.

That is why, Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White made that movie, “It Might Get Loud”. The movie was made in hopes of inspiring more people to pick up the electric guitar.

I have no respect for Guitar Hero or Rock Band anymore. I used to think they were cool, but they are no longer interesting. I have a couple of Guitar Hero video games in my collection but I don’t play ’em anymore. I feel more comfortable playing the real guitar myself.

I’ve been playing a lot more electric guitar, and I’m just loving it too much. Trying to get better at guitar solos, that’s my main focus. Maybe someday I’ll video tape myself playing the electric guitar to just noodle around and show off a bit. Playing the electric is amazing. I feel like home playing it. I suddenly lost interest in acoustic guitar and want to get used to electric now.

I’m glad Led Zeppelin will never release their music to video games. It’s a good decision.


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