Happy 96th Birthday: Jack Lalanne…

This is a tribute post dedicated to the real fitness guru, “The Godfather of Fitness”, Jack Lalanne. Everybody knows that this was the man that started it all. Well bodybuilding actually started many, many, many, years ago of course, but Jack Lalanne was the one who helped make bodybuilding mainstream and popular in the 1950’s. He is a true bodybuilding and fitness pioneer. People might look after other iconic fitness guru’s such as: Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren, Lou Ferrigno, Gunnar Peterson, Jillian Michaels, etc. but in reality, they aren’t real. They give out fake bodybuilding information for money. Not with Jack Lalanne. Back in the 1950’s, Jack had to do everything the real way because back in those days: supplements, protein bars, protein shakes, expensive workout equipment, etc. weren’t around back then. So he had to do workouts and nutrition the old fashion way. He still workouts and does the same routine to this day, which is why he is still here at 96. This man proves that it doesn’t matter what age you are to get fit and healthy, it can happen to anybody.

Jack is a true hero in the fitness world and this is why everyone in the fitness community worships this guy. They don’t call him, “The Godfather of Fitness” for nothing. While he always complained about the food that people eat that makes them fat, he always said things in a nice and calm way, to get people motivated. He’s never negative about bodybuilding and fitness. He became famous for his workout and nutrition TV show, “The Jack Lalanne Show” which ran for 34 years. See some clips in the videos below. This guy is a real badass! Happy Birthday Jack!


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