Report: WWE will soon announce big changes that will soon happen in 2011…

Reports all over the wrestling world, are saying that the WWE are making huge changes for the company for all wrestling shows. The changes will happen in 2011 but they are being kept under wraps for now. See the article, here.

This will be a major shakeup, something HUGE. What could the huge shake up be? Here are some possibilities that people are throwing around:

  1. WWE could go back to PG-14 – Go back to bloody violence and half naked women with lots of cleavage. ( I hope this will happen but I doubt it, merchandise sales are flying high and you see a lot of children at all RAW/SD shows, so I don’t see them dropping the PG rating)
  2. Vince buys TNA? (Nice idea, but not a chance this will happen. Sorry)
  3. RAW/SMACKDOWN could merge into one brand to end the roster split. (Possibly, but I don’t see this happening ’cause of too many superstars, won’t make enough room to perform in one show)
  4. WWE will get their own wrestling cable channel to air RAW/SD and all WWE shows. (Not a chance this will happen, ever. USA has always been RAW’s home, Smackdown just moved to SyFy, so I doubt Vince will get his own WWE channel. WWE do have their own history channel which is only available for satellite TV, I believe?

Whatever the shakeup is going to be, I’m looking forward to it. You just never know what Vince McMahon and the staff at WWE Headquarters would come up with.


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