BREAKING NEWS: WWE annnounces expansion to “Royal Rumble” match to a 40 man Rumble!!!

The first Royal Rumble event took place on January 24, 1988. Hacksaw Jim Duggan was the first Royal Rumble winner. To those that are new to wrestling, the Royal Rumble match up usually have 30 guys in the ring and an opponent must be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor on the outside. A new superstar will come out to the ring every once in a while after 10 second count. The only way to win is one wrestler must be left in the ring, no one else.

Well today, WWE announced the huge news that the Royal Rumble this year will be a 40 man, match up, instead of the usual 30.

Read the article, here.

I know everyone is thinking that the reason for this is, they could be saving this for a bunch of legends and superstar returns to be part of this match but sorry I disagree. The reason I think they did this is ’cause it has something to do with the Nexus, which CM Punk is the new leader. Could the New Nexus find a bunch of new members so they can be dominate at the Rumble?

I am predicting that the last four guys at the Rumble will end up being John Cena, a returning Triple H, Nexus members, and CM Punk. I think Triple H will be the winner of the Rumble this year so he can headline Wrestlemania again. I didn’t name Sheamus ’cause Triple H will take out Sheamus before the end.

I don’t watch WWE ppvs much anymore, I only watch Royal Rumble and Wrestleamania every year, so yeah, of course, I will watch this year’s Rumble at the end of the month.


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