Thought: Who will win “The Royal Rumble” this Sunday??? Top 5 Possible winners…

The “Royal Rumble” ppv is this Sunday. Yes, I will watch, of course. The Royal Rumbe is 40 man this year. Who do I predict will win the Rumble this year? There is five possible choices.

  1. CM – Punk – Punk could get the win so he can main event and face John Cena at Wrestlemania 27.
  2. Alberto Del Rio – A new and young Mexican wrestler who WWE seems to be pushing pretty hard. Could he somehow win the Rumble and actually face against Cena at WM-27? Possibly.
  3. Triple H – Triple H might return at the Royal Rumble PPV during the 40 man match.
  4. Chris Jericho – Rumors hit the net that Jericho might be coming back soon, could his return be at the Rumble?
  5. Wade Barrett – This UK superstar could get the huge win at the Rumble so he can go against the Undertaker at WM-27. Remember, Wade Barrett had a big feud with the Undertaker when he used to be leader of Nexus. Nexus beat the hell out of the Undertaker on a Smackdown episode once.

I’m willing to bet any of those guys will be the most likely winners. Of course, don’t be surprised if John Cena ends up winning the whole thing somehow. If Cena does end up winning the Rumble, I’m going to be pissed as fuck, I know that.

Looking forward to seeing the Rumble this Sunday!


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