Thought: One thing the Rock proved about his return to WWE last Monday…

What is one thing that the Rock proved at his return to Monday Night RAW last Monday? The only thing that the Rock proved is that he belongs in “wrestling”, not in the “movies”. It really is true if you think about it. Other wrestlers can leave wrestling and go to the movies, but not the Rock. The Rock is wrestling, he’s not a movie star, at all.

I mean, most of his movies in his filmography, didn’t do so well in the box offices. He only had a very few successful hits like, “The Scorpion King”, and “Get Smart” were his two biggest films. The other films he did okay in the box office. His last movie, “Faster”, pretty much flopped.

The Rock is known for wrestling forever. This is why, every time he makes movies, people beg him to return for wrestling. Wrestling fans felt that he left a good career behind him. Rock was at the top of his game 7 years ago, and suddenly, he left wrestling to do “The Scorpion King” and a bunch of other movies after that.

During Rock’s film career, he even tried to drop, “The Rock” name and go under his birth name to promote in the movies. That didn’t work out,  people still saw him as the Rock in wrestling. Every time he did an interview for TV, the interviewer can’t help but ask him if he’ll ever return to wrestling.

I said it before and will say it again. The Rock is a true wrestling icon. Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, etc. All those guys are icons as well, but they are not in the Rock’s league.

The reason everyone loves the Rock so much is because of his great mic skills and the sense of humor of his character. His character is very comical obviously. He’s like a comedian in wrestling. Plus, Dwayne’s mic work is very unique. The Rock is great at talking really fast without messing up a word, plus, he knows how to control a crowd. He does speeches better than any other wrestler. This is why people are obsessed with him. Even if people aren’t wrestling fans, the non-wrestling fans even like the Rock.

He’s a better actor in wrestling than he is in the movies. His acting in movies is okay, but nothing really special. The Rock is only good at action movies.

I’m glad Dwayne finally realized that he shouldn’t ignore wrestling. I’m sure he thought fans no longer cared for him after he left 7 years ago but he thought wrong. Fans still love the guy.

Steve Austin should take note. Austin left the WWE for the movies, so hopefully Austin won’t ignore wrestling completely. Austin sure didn’t ignore wrestling completely since he’s going to be host for this year’s “Tough Enough”, but hopefully Austin will make occasional appearances on RAW as well.

When the Rock came out to the ring last Monday on RAW, you can tell by the look of his eyes, he misses it. Of course, I don’t see Rock ditching his movie career at all for a full time wrestling return, though. He seems to want to be a “celebrity” than a wrestler. The only reason he got into wrestling ’cause he was born with it,  his entire Maivia. Samoan family were into it.


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