Report: Sylvester Stallone to get his “Cobra” car back!!! Congrats Sly!!!

In the 1980’s, “Cobra” was filmed. It was that car that made the film great for what it was. “Cobra” was one of my favorite action films by Sly. It didn’t do well in the box office, but still was an excellent action movie. Marion Cobretti was a different character than Rambo. Cobretti was more psychotic and dangerous than Rambo, in my opinion.

Sly kept the car after the movie was made. In 1994, the car was stolen straight out of his garage. Sly didn’t know the whereabouts of that car until in 2009, the car finally resurfaced at an auction by this un-named company that provides “on-camera vehicles for movies”.

Sly filed a lawsuit at this company for stealing this car. The lawsuit was settled and this company agreed to give the car back to it’s rightful owner.

Read the report here, at TMZ.

Congratulations Sly!!! I can’t wait to see new pics of Sly reunited with the car! I bet Sly will keep the car locked up good to keep it away from thieves.

Now that he has the car back, is a “Cobra II” going to be in the works soon? Hopefully. I always liked that character and it will be great if Sly plans a sequel, using that same car.


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