Thought: More on why Dolph Lundgren could possibly be the next “Expendables” director…

So I wrote that Dolph could possibly be Sly’s replacement as director for, “The Expendables” sequel. If you want to know why Dolph would make a great choice for the director of the next film, I can think of more reasons why.

  • Dolph has more experience directing action movies than Sly – Dolph has more experience directing action movies. They all may have been direct to DVD flicks but that doesn’t mean they are bad films. Some of Dolph’s movies are actually pretty good as I actually thought “Command Performance” was a great film. Look at Dolph’s directorial filmography. They are mostly action movies.
  • Dolph can make the next Expendables flick more violent and action packed – If you’ve seen Dolph’s directed films, they are so violent, brutal and graphic. Dolph knows about fighting and violence than anybody else, so he can put on quite the great action movie here. He would put an old school feel to it too.
  • Dolph knows Sly’s directing style – Dolph have witnessed Sly direct with “Rocky IV” and the first “Expendables” movie. I’m sure Dolph has been taking lessons from Sly for his own directing. He would make the “Expendables” sequel similar to Sly’s style but would put his own original spin to it too.
  • Dolph being director would help give the film more publicity – If any other action film maker such as Robert Rodriguez or who ever else did this film instead, then the public wouldn’t care about this film as much. “The Expendables” goal is to have a movie full of action stars in one film, they will probably do the same with the director for the next film. Have a big name, direct it. If Dolph directed the next movie, it would help get more people interested.
  • Sly would want to return the favor to Dolph – Like I said before, Sly directed Dolph two times in films. Sly would want to pass the torch, return the help to a longtime friend. Sly would probably recommend Lionsgates to hire Dolph as director.


There you have it. I can’t see no other director making the next “Expendables” sequel. Dolph is the only one worth making the movie, in my opinion. Sure Dolph made straight to DVD stuff but that doesn’t mean he’s a terrible director. Have you even seen Dolph’s straight to DVD work? You should really check ’em out.

Dolph directing the next “Expendables” flick, would be a big screen opportunity for him and he would get recognized as a director more, too. I really hope Sly and Liosngates give him this opportunity. If they don’t, it would be a huge mistake.




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