Report: Michael C. Hall to star in independent big screen film, “Love, Scotch & Death” after he finishes “Dexter – Season 6″…

“Dexter” creator, James Manos Jr. will re-team with Michael C. Hall again, after they wrap up “Dexter” Season 6 this year. James and Michael will do an independent big screen film titled, “Love, Scotch & Death”. Actress Vera Farmiga will star with Michael in the film. The film will be written & directed by James Manos Jr.

The movie “Love, Scotch & Death” will be about a man just returning home from a stressful vacation, he learns that his parents died of natural causes and is forced to navigate his way past an unsympathetic funeral director, his children, manic wife, an eccentric priest and over-sexed neighbors.

Deadline, reports.

While the movie sounds good, I’m more excited for Season 6 of “Dexter” coming. It quickly became my favorite TV show and I’m already addicted. I just started Season 2 on Netflix. I will be buying 3 & 4 on DVD soon. Will watch Season 5 on Showtime on Demand since Season 5 is not out on DVD yet. I want to catch up before Season 6 comes.

I’m not sure why Netflix removed Season 3 & 4. Maybe Netflix will soon stream Season 3, 4, and 5 since “Season 6” is coming.

I love “Dexter” though. “Dexter” and “The Walking Dead” are both great horror shows. We need more horror TV shows. Don’t get me started on “True Blood” ’cause I always hated that show.


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