Report: Colin Hanks set to play main villain for “Dexter – Season 6″…

The son of Tom Hanks, whose name is Colin, has been signed for a major villain role for “Dexter’s Season 6”. The show already had John Lithgow and Jimmy Smits playing the main villains, Colin’s character will be totally different than them. Showtime is keeping Colin’s character a secret for now.

More on the story, here.

This show is going to help Colin become more well known, indeed.

I still haven’t seen the rest of “Dexter – Season 4” and I only started watching the first 3 or 4 episodes so far. I still need to watch the rest of Season 4 and then I’ll need to catch up with Season 5. I have plenty of time to catch up with the show before Season 6 gets here. Season 6 will air on Showtime sometime in Sept., I believe. The show is usually on Sept. every year.


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