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Brock reviews “Dexter – Season 6″…

I love the show, “Dexter”. It is one of the best shows on TV, I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not a big TV person, but there are a few shows that I love to watch and this show here is one of them. This show is actually very entertaining and very good. It actually has good writing and acting. Only thing I hate about the “Dexter” DVD’s is that Showtime forces you to sit through advertisements once you insert the DVD into the player and turn it on. It’s annoying and I hate how DVD’s and BluRays are doing that lately. I buy Dexter on DVD ’cause I don’t have Showtime, so I just wait for all the seasons to come out on DVD.

Anyway, back to Season 6, it was a really good season. Shows a different side of Dexter than before. He was forced to get into religion even though he was never meant to be a religious guy. There’s another serial killer out there called, the Doomsday Killer. The Doomsday Killer are Professor Gellar and Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks), which their killings are based on the Book of Revelation, and they leave signs of the Apocalypse at each crime scene. Of course, Dexter, tries to hunt down these killers himself ’cause you know that’s the kind of serial killer Dexter is. Dexter’s goal is to get rid of bad people.

That’s part of the plot without giving too many spoilers. There were a lot of interesting twist and turns this season. I thought Colin Hanks did a really good job in a major acting role. I’m surprised on how much Colin looks and talks much like his father, Tom Hanks. This season kept you guessing toward the end and was unpredictable. I won’t give spoilers, but the ending this season was pretty shocking, and it’ll get you scratching your head. Michael C. Hall’s acting is great like he always is, he’s a pretty talented guy.

There were a few silly things that weren’t needed this season. The Joey Quinn and Batista feud wasn’t needed. And the only character that I hate is that Masuka guy, I think he’s annoying, but other than that, the rest of the show is fine. I do like Jennifer Carpenter playing Dexter’s sister, Debra. This season was Jennifer’s best acting by far. I love how she says the word, “fuck” a lot ’cause if she didn’t swear a lot, then her character wouldn’t have worked.

Season 6 was good, but it wasn’t the best season. I still think “Season 4” with John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer was the best. Two more seasons of Dexter after 6. Season 7 will start soon, and I think I am going to get Showtime, just in time before the season starts. I think I got something figured out so I can get that channel. Dexter is a phenomenal show and pretty addicting. This is one show that should become a big screen movie whenever it gets done with TV.


Report: Colin Hanks set to play main villain for “Dexter – Season 6″…

The son of Tom Hanks, whose name is Colin, has been signed for a major villain role for “Dexter’s Season 6”. The show already had John Lithgow and Jimmy Smits playing the main villains, Colin’s character will be totally different than them. Showtime is keeping Colin’s character a secret for now.

More on the story, here.

This show is going to help Colin become more well known, indeed.

I still haven’t seen the rest of “Dexter – Season 4” and I only started watching the first 3 or 4 episodes so far. I still need to watch the rest of Season 4 and then I’ll need to catch up with Season 5. I have plenty of time to catch up with the show before Season 6 gets here. Season 6 will air on Showtime sometime in Sept., I believe. The show is usually on Sept. every year.