Cool Video: Bane blows up Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh, Steelers, on the set of “The Dark Knight: Rises”…

Controversial behind the scenes footage of “The Dark Knight: Rises” leaks to youtube. As some of you know, the legendary NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers make their cameo for the movie. Here is their scene in the video below. Tom Hardy as Bane warns everyone that he will take control of Gotham and later he blows up Heinz Field, as the extras in the crowd cheer on.

The explosion in the video is obviously fake but the editing department will add the real explosion in with CGI and stuff when the final take of the scene is done.

Check out the interesting videos below. So far, “The Dark Knight: Rises” looks to be a thrilling movie. Hope it’s just as good as the second movie.


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