Report: Dave Mustaine wants to reunite with Metallica for a supergroup collaboration but James Hetfield is not down with it…

Now that the Metallica and Megadeth feud is over, hatchets buried, people are expecting the two bands to work a lot more musically in the future. When they get done with the Big 4 shows for good, what does Dave wants to do next? He is hoping to form a Metallica/Megadeth supergroup collaboration that will include members: Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Even though most of the band members agreed with the project, the only guy who didn’t want in was James Hetflied. James is not all for the project, he doesn’t want to do it. Even though James doesn’t want to do the project, Dave said he’s going to keep begging him until he says, “Yes”.

More on it, here.

Well, I’m sure the Metallica haters will accuse Dave of being desperate. I’m sure they will accuse this of not being a supergroup but being the original members of Metallica. I’m sure they will accuse the guys in Metallica of firing Dave again and the feud will start back up. Blah blah blah blah… I disagree with all of it.

You see. The feud is all over and done with. They’re all good and cool. Dave and James get along fine like brothers. I don’t think they will fight ever again.

I can see why James wouldn’t want to do it though, because Metallica is about to release a new album with Lou Reed and they don’t want this Megadeth/Metallica group to overshadow Metallica’s new album. This project won’t happen right away, but maybe down the road whenever James have a change of heart with it?

I think this is a cool idea. I don’t think Metallica will start shit with Dave ever again. 30 years ago, the guys in Metallica were drunks and they were very much trouble makers themselves. The guys in Metallica are not like that anymore. They’ve grown up and acting more mature now. Best of all, both Megadeth and Metallica got clean with alcohol and drugs. All that drama years ago, alcohol and drugs were part of the blame.

Dave deserves another chance with Metallica, guys. Give him a break. It’s about rebuilding friendships and re-filling the history with Metallica that Dave never had. Megadeth and Metallica will probably join forces someday, but under a different band name, probably. I hope the project happens, someday and I’m all for it!


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