Report: Jonathan Demme to direct Stephen King’s “11/22/63″…

Stephen King’s next book “11/22/63” is not out in stores yet, but the book is already being made into a movie for the big screen, and the film will be directed by Jonathan Demme. The man who brought us, “Silence Of the Lambs”.

The story for “11/22/63” is about a 35 year old English teacher named, Jake Epping, who tries to go back in time to save JFK’s life from the assassination. The book is set to hit bookstores everywhere, November 8th of this year.

Deadline, reports.

To read excerpts of “11/22/63” visit Stephen King’s website.

What do you think? Will Jake save John F. Kennedy’s life? I think so yes. I think King will make JFK survive the assassination so someone else will play Kennedy for the film.

King’s newest books have been really crazy and whacky as of late. This book sounds even whackier.

I’ll probably buy this book when it comes out, sure. I buy every new book Stephen comes out with. The book must be that good if it’s already being made into a film. I wonder what made King go political all of a sudden? He has been staying away from horror as of late which is the genre he is most known for. He’s been writing a lot of sci-fi lately.

I wish he would write a horror novel again.


3 thoughts on “Report: Jonathan Demme to direct Stephen King’s “11/22/63″…”

  1. There was an episode of a show called AMAZING STORIES where someone went back to save him, and it was a college professor. Then it went beyond the day of his assassination into an alternate history, where they showed that his survival would have meant a lot more problems. So JFK and the professor decide to go back in time again to let the assassination happen…only the teacher takes his place in the limo, and JFK teaches the professor’s class in the present. Still, it will be interesting to see where King takes it. I mean, every story has been written before. It’s just a matter of throwing it at people in a new way.

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