BREAKING NEWS: Ridley Scott confirms another “Blade Runner” movie but doesn’t yet say if it’s a prequel or a sequel…

Major movie news hit the web hard today. Since Ridley Scott is working on the new Alien movie, “Prometheus”, Ridley decided to sign on to direct & produce another installment to, “Blade Runner”. The 1982 science fiction film that starred, Harrison Ford.

There is no word on whether this new “Blade Runner” film, will be a prequel or a sequel. It is also not known if Harrison Ford will reprise his role as, Rick Deckard.

Deadline, reports.

I always thought there was more of a story to tell with, “Blade Runner”. It’s one of my favorite films of all times. Is it a good idea for Harrison to return though? If they make it a sequel for him to return. They could also hire a young actor to play a young Rick Deckard for the prequel. Not sure what Ridley’s plans are yet, but it certainly deserves another film. Love this movie!



One thought on “BREAKING NEWS: Ridley Scott confirms another “Blade Runner” movie but doesn’t yet say if it’s a prequel or a sequel…”

  1. Any movie based on a book by Philip K. Dick is worth checking out, except for PAYCHECK with Ben Affleck. You should read the book this one was based on. It’s called DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? Very different from the movie. I think my favorite book by him is A SCANNER DARKLY, which was also made into a film by Richard Linklater (SLACKER, SCHOOL OF ROCK). Even though it was cool to see those characters and scenes come to life (and the director used a lot of lines right from the book), something about it falls a little flat. I’m not taking the stance that most people do, which is that if the film is different from the book, then it automatically sucks. I don’t think that way. However, something about SCANNER doesn’t add up. Not so with BLADE RUNNER though. A true classic, which even Philip himself approved of!

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