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Harrison Ford confirmed to reprise his role as Rick Deckard for “Blade Runner” sequel but Ridley Scott will not direct…

For many years now, Ridley Scott have been talking about developing a sequel to “Blade Runner” and looks like it’s happening for real. Harrison finally signed on to reprise his role for the sequel but Ridley Scott will not be directing. Instead, Denis Villeneuve will helm the sequel.


Pretty cool. I’m a huge fan of the “Blade Runner” movie so I’m looking forward to this. Harrison playing an aging, Rick Deckard? I’m gonna have to re-watch the “Blade Runner” movie again. I have it on DVD.

Wonder why Ridley couldn’t direct this one himself? He probably has a lot on his plate. Ridley still needs to develop the “Prometheus” sequel and that’s part of the reason why.


Harrison Ford finally offered for “Blade Runner 2″…

Alcon Entertainment claims that Harrison Ford have been offered to reprise his role as Rick Deckard for “Blade Runner 2” and it seems official, I take it? For a long while, Harrison himself has expressed a lot of interest in coming back to the role if Ridley needed him. I’d take this news with a grain of salt for now so don’t get excited yet. I won’t believe it until Harrison says so himself.


Looks like Harrison wants to play all of his well-known roles for one more time before he gets too old. He’s game for playing Han Solo again. He said he’s game to playing Rick Deckard again. He’s also trying to get Indiana Jones going again.

One role I’d love to see him come back to is Jack Ryan ’cause I thought Harrison played the best Jack Ryan. I thought, “Patriot Games” and “Clear and Present Danger” were great flicks.

I thought “Blade Runner” was great so hopefully Harrison returns. I’d like to see him and Ridley reunite.


Report: “Blade Runner” sequel is finally confirmed with Ridley Scott directing…Harrison Ford to return as Rick Deckard?

For many months now, Ridley Scott have been planning a project based on the “Blade Runner” movie, but refuses to say if it’s going to be a sequel, prequel or a stand alone movie. He also say he wasn’t going to direct it or not. Today, the news have finally been revealed that the secret “Blade Runner” project will indeed be a sequel and of course, Ridley Scott will direct. The original “Blade Runner” screen writer, Hampton Fancher, is also on board.

They are keeping the plot for the sequel under wraps for now, but they give a hint that the sequel will take place years after the first movie left off. So the film will obviously continue the story of, Rick Deckard. So does this mean, Harrison Ford will come back?

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

Reports doesn’t say anything about Harrison returning, but how much do you want to bet that they got him and they’re being quiet about it? Yep. I think Harrison will return! Before anyone slams the idea of a sequel, there were three “Blade Runner” novels. Could the plot for the sequel be based on this novel, here?

Anyway, I absolutely LOVED, the first “Blade Runner”, movie. If Harrison Ford is in the sequel, I’ll go see it. I can’t see anybody else playing Rick Deckard, so hopefully they still use the character. I’m sure Harrison will be able to play the role just fine, still, even if he is aging. Ridley Scott has been one of my favorite directors for years. I’m looking forward to “Prometheus”, too.


BREAKING NEWS: Ridley Scott confirms another “Blade Runner” movie but doesn’t yet say if it’s a prequel or a sequel…

Major movie news hit the web hard today. Since Ridley Scott is working on the new Alien movie, “Prometheus”, Ridley decided to sign on to direct & produce another installment to, “Blade Runner”. The 1982 science fiction film that starred, Harrison Ford.

There is no word on whether this new “Blade Runner” film, will be a prequel or a sequel. It is also not known if Harrison Ford will reprise his role as, Rick Deckard.

Deadline, reports.

I always thought there was more of a story to tell with, “Blade Runner”. It’s one of my favorite films of all times. Is it a good idea for Harrison to return though? If they make it a sequel for him to return. They could also hire a young actor to play a young Rick Deckard for the prequel. Not sure what Ridley’s plans are yet, but it certainly deserves another film. Love this movie!



Report: Warner Bros. moving forward with “Blade Runner” prequel and sequel…

Well, let the Harrison Ford returning to “Blade Runner” rumors begin! I’m sure it already started! Warner Bros. financial company, Alcon Entertainment, is in final negotiations to secure the rights to make a “prequel” and “sequel”, to the 1982 science fiction action adventure film, “Blade Runner”, that starred Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, the film was directed by Ridley Scott.

Read the full story here, at Deadline.

Interesting. For the prequel, they would need a young actor for the Rick Deckard role, but Harrison may reprise the role for the sequel though. If they plan on using Rick Deckard still. I always felt that the “Blade Runner” movie had more of a story to be told, so I’m actually glad they’re doing more! Looking forward to see how they’re going to pull this off.

I’m sure we’ll hear from Harrison soon about this as well.




Report: “Eagle Eye” writer is penning script for “Blade Runner” sequel…

A sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 science fiction film “Blade Runner” that starred Harrison Ford is in the works. It has been confirmed that “Eagle Eye” writer Travis Wright is penning the screenplay for “Blade Runner 2”.

Is he writing the script for Harrison Ford to return in the sequel? Who knows.

More on it here:


I love the “Blade Runner” movie. As long as Harrison Ford is gonna star in it and as long as Ridley Scott is still on board to direct the sequel, then I’ll go see it.

But if Harrison and Ridley aren’t in, then no “Blade Runner” sequel for me.