Report: “Blade Runner” sequel is finally confirmed with Ridley Scott directing…Harrison Ford to return as Rick Deckard?

For many months now, Ridley Scott have been planning a project based on the “Blade Runner” movie, but refuses to say if it’s going to be a sequel, prequel or a stand alone movie. He also say he wasn’t going to direct it or not. Today, the news have finally been revealed that the secret “Blade Runner” project will indeed be a sequel and of course, Ridley Scott will direct. The original “Blade Runner” screen writer, Hampton Fancher, is also on board.

They are keeping the plot for the sequel under wraps for now, but they give a hint that the sequel will take place years after the first movie left off. So the film will obviously continue the story of, Rick Deckard. So does this mean, Harrison Ford will come back?

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

Reports doesn’t say anything about Harrison returning, but how much do you want to bet that they got him and they’re being quiet about it? Yep. I think Harrison will return! Before anyone slams the idea of a sequel, there were three “Blade Runner” novels. Could the plot for the sequel be based on this novel, here?

Anyway, I absolutely LOVED, the first “Blade Runner”, movie. If Harrison Ford is in the sequel, I’ll go see it. I can’t see anybody else playing Rick Deckard, so hopefully they still use the character. I’m sure Harrison will be able to play the role just fine, still, even if he is aging. Ridley Scott has been one of my favorite directors for years. I’m looking forward to “Prometheus”, too.


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