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Harrison Ford confirmed to reprise his role as Rick Deckard for “Blade Runner” sequel but Ridley Scott will not direct…

For many years now, Ridley Scott have been talking about developing a sequel to “Blade Runner” and looks like it’s happening for real. Harrison finally signed on to reprise his role for the sequel but Ridley Scott will not be directing. Instead, Denis Villeneuve will helm the sequel.


Pretty cool. I’m a huge fan of the “Blade Runner” movie so I’m looking forward to this. Harrison playing an aging, Rick Deckard? I’m gonna have to re-watch the “Blade Runner” movie again. I have it on DVD.

Wonder why Ridley couldn’t direct this one himself? He probably has a lot on his plate. Ridley still needs to develop the “Prometheus” sequel and that’s part of the reason why.