Netflix Pick (PS3): My Name Is Bruce

Last night, I got so bored that I decided to take the night off watching 24 on Netflix and decided to watch a streamable movie. I saw that this film, Bruce Campbell’s “My Name Is Bruce” streamable so I watched this film. It’s a low budget indie film directed by Bruce Campbell himself. As some of you know, I am a huge Bruce Campbell fan. Love the guy’s work whether it’s movies or TV. I haven’t been watching his new show, “Burn Notice” but I plan to start catching up with it soon. I just enjoy the guy’s acting style. I also admire how he stays away from blockbuster hits and prefers to star the leading roles in low budget B movies.

In this film, it stars Bruce Campbell, as he plays himself as a character. It’s about four teenagers from a small town of Gold Lick, who vandalize a  19th Century Cemetery of Chinese laborers.One of the demons wake up from the cemetery and tries to kill the teenagers.

One of the teenagers, whose name is Jeff, escaped from the Demon and he goes to his favorite actor, Bruce Campbell for help. At first, Bruce Campbell refuses because he believes demons are not real and they are just in the movies. When Bruce finally realizes that the Demon is real, he finally decided to help Jeff and the people in Gold Lick. Jeff thinks Bruce Campbell is really Ash and tries to get Bruce to buy a double barrel shotgun and a chainsaw like in “Army Of Darkness”. Again, Bruce refuses and stays out of his Ash character. The whole movie is about a legendary actor, Bruce Campbell battling against this Demon inspired from the “Evil Dead” movies.

Enough with the plot. On with this review. Now, you shouldn’t watch this movie if you haven’t seen any of Bruce Campbell’s flicks from the past. This film is clearly for the die hard fans of Bruce Campbell, the actor. Throughout the film there is at least a few references of every film he has done from the past. If you haven’t seen any of Bruce Campbell’s film, then you wouldn’t like this movie at all.

While the movie sounds cheesy and goofy as hell, that’s the way I like Bruce Campbell. Bruce has got a weird and messed up imagination when it comes to storytelling. When he does horror films, he’s a genius at making horror films both funny as hell and scary as hell. This movie is more of a strict comedy then a horror film though.

There are scenes in this movie where Bruce actually plays Ash a little bit, like the part where he is drunk at his camper home. He still plays the Ash character pretty well despite his age. The movie was funny and enjoyable. The acting and the writing was pretty bad, but hey it’s a B Movie. Most B movies are like that. In most B movies, the special effects, acting and music are pretty amateurish. Except for Bruce, who did the best acting job, of course. Since there is a new “Evil Dead” re-do in the works, I think Bruce still has it what it takes to play Ash again.

“My Name Is Bruce” is a short 1 hr. and 20 minute film, but this is a great film for all die hard Bruce Campbell fans to geek over. Check it out.


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