Report: Liam Hemsworth officially joins, “The Expendables” sequel…

The young, Liam Hemsworth, officially joins the cast of, “The Expendables 2”. Liam can be seen in movies such as, “Knowing”, and, “The Last Song”. He will also have a role in the upcoming film, “The Hunger Games”.

Liam originally was going to have a role to play along side with Sylvester Stallone, in the first, “Expendables” film, but Sly wrote him out of the movie. I guess Sly wanted to put him in the sequel to make up for it.

Deadline, reports.

Well, Liam is a pretty muscular guy and he’s a superstar, so he’s the right fit. The point of the Expendables, is having of bunch of muscle guys who are icons all in one film.

Another addition that would be pretty cool to add to this cast is Jason Mamoa, who is famous for “Game of Thrones” and “Conan, The Barbarian” remake. After seeing the movie, “Warrior”, Kurt Angle would also be a good addition.



2 thoughts on “Report: Liam Hemsworth officially joins, “The Expendables” sequel…”

  1. Hopefully they focus more on the story rather than just the action and actually can keep every body entertained, and not just people looking for some nostalgia. Nice post.

    1. Yeah, they need more sexy women for these movies. One thing that was missing from the first movie was naked tits & ass. Sex was also missing too. Will we have that for the 2nd movie??? If their goal is to make this movie for the male audience, we need more sex in these films.


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