Pandora’s Box – the 1929 silent film about Lulu is in Netflix for DVD rental…

Just for the hell of it, I just logged in my Netflix, “Pandora’s Box“, the silent film about Lulu and they had it available for Netflix DVD rental. So I put it in my que and put it on top of the list, so I should be getting it soon after I send back the DVD I have now. Looking forward to seeing it.

This is the project that the Lou Reed & Metallica album is based on. I’m looking forward to seeing the film. After I see the film, I’ll start to understand why they are doing an album on the Lulu story.

It really is sad that the public is bashing this Lou Reed & Metallica thing. I think it’s a very special project. The Who did the theatrical/musical thing too with “Quadrophenia” and “Tommy”. The Lou/’Tallica project is kind of similar to what the Who have done.

People should respect Lou Reed as a musician ’cause he had quite a legendary history with his career. Anybody that bashes the man, has no true love for music.


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