Thought: Another Brock Lesnar in WWE thought…

Since Vince McMahon is doing business with Dana White that he got Brock Lesnar as a playable character for “WWE 12” video game, there could be more projects with Lesnar for the WWE. Maybe a DVD of Brock Lesnar’s WWE career is coming up ahead and things like that. So this means that Vince and Brock are already on good terms. It just proves that Vince still likes Brock Lesnar after all these years despite that fallen out they had in the past.

Vince wants Brock back in WWE, it’s just that Dana doesn’t want to mess up Brock’s UFC career, understandably. Who knows, maybe Dana will allow Brock to make occasional WWE appearances, and not a full time run. Like they all say, anything is possible with the WWE.


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