Cool Photo: “Expendables 2” poster is here!!!!

It’s a GREAT poster, however, I feel there is a huge mistake on it. I think it’s advertised wrong. How? It’s got Jet Li’s name on the poster, but he’s not on it. Instead you see this Asian person who looks like a woman. That’s not Jet Li. That is a Chinese actress named, Yu Nan. If you’re going to put Yu Nan on the poster, at least put her name on the poster. Jet Li needs to be included on there also. Other than this little error, the poster looks great.

Arnold and Bruce holding guns, is a hint that they are going to be kicking ass and getting into action this time around.

I hope this is a much better than movie than the first one. I’ll be seeing this one in theater for sure. So “Rocky”, and “Rambo”, are Sly’s two big movie franchises, so, “Expendables”, will be his third major franchise.

Van Damme is the main villain in this movie, so it’s gonna be good.


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