Cool Photo: “Dark Knight: Rises” confirms it’s the last film, does Bane actually breaks the bat?

The first teaser poster we see Gotham City looks like it is crumbling and falling apart. In this poster, we see Bane with his back facing you and part of Batman’s mask laying on the ground.

Do the badguys win? That’s what it seems like. That’s what the posters are trying to tell you. Does Bane kill Batman?

I don’t think so, maybe Batman’s identity will get exposed, but that’s about it. If that is how they are going to end the trilogy by killing Batman, that would be a really good closure, but I don’t think they’ll really end it that way. There’s got to be a good reason why they call it, “The Dark Knight: Rises”, we’ll find out when we see the film next year.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing it. Batman is my favorite superhero, always have been. I hope this movie will be even more action packed than the last one, I’m sure it will be.

I love how Christopher Nolan keeps quiet about everything with his movies and keeps them mysterious. He doesn’t like to give out secrets and wants people to wait to see the film itself.


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