More on that mysterious face on “TDK: Rises” Bane poster…

Some guy in a Superman fan forum in facebook, did this photo, trying to prove that mysterious face on the, “TDK: Rises”, Bane poster is a reference to Superman.

There are still a lot of people that say that the mysterious face is nothing and not Superman at all, but I believe it is.

That’s the whole point of the mystery, I guess. Christopher Nolan is a creative genius, he knows how to get people talking about his movies.


3 thoughts on “More on that mysterious face on “TDK: Rises” Bane poster…”

  1. Upon following up on this mysterious ‘face’ I noticed some interesting things regarding another poster from The Dark Knight Rises, namely in the Bane and Catwoman one. Additionally, the Bane one has another creepy looking face. Here are my photoshops via Facebook:

    1. I believe that same mysterious face is somewhere in all the “Dark Knight: Rises” posters that’s been released. I wonder what they’re trying to do with that mysterious face? Will Superman appear in “The Dark Knight: Rises” movie, is that’s what it’s teasing? We’ll have to wait and see, thanks for the post.

      1. No problem. I think it’s in all or most of them. I just whipped this up as well after noticing it in these three. It’s in the first teaser poster as well but I’m too tired to screw around with it, I think I’ve made my point-lol. I’m thinking it has to do with the viral marketing they’re doing, leading to other sites, etc. I guess we will see. Thanks for the post.

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