Thought: Why Tom Cruise doing his own stunts in action movies…

So why has Tom Cruise decided to do his own stunts for action movies like “MI IV: Ghost Protocol” (which I plan to see tomorrow afternoon)? Well the man’s obviously got something to prove. Maybe he’s trying to get the public’s respect back after all the negative backlashes he got in the media a few years back. I’m sure that’s not the only reason, there’s more to it then that.

Maybe he just wants it to be realistic, and he just wants to prove he can do everything for real. He doesn’t want to be looked at as a fake actor. All the risky stunts he did for this movie is pretty ballsy, especially for a dude his age. Maybe he’s fed up with all the stunt doubles and want it done for real, ya know?

Plus, he wants to show the world that he can be somebody, not just some Scientoligist idiot, jumping on Oprah’s couch. What ever it is, he’s definitely got something to prove.

I’ve never been this excited for a Mission Impossible movie ’cause I never cared for the first three. I’m actually excited as hell for “Ghost Protocol”. Looks like a great action packed ride. Looks fun.

Like him or not, Tom is a talented actor, he can do just about anything and he can play any role that throws at him. He’s done everything from bad guy to action hero. I like a lot of Tom Cruise flicks. “Risky Business”, “Top Gun”, “Rain Man”, “Legend”,”Collateral”, “Minority Report”, “Eyes Wide Shut”, and “Valkyrie” are some of my favorite movies of his. I hated his last movie, “Knight & Day”, though, that wasn’t a good one.

I’m looking forward to “Ghost Protocol” tomorrow, and of course, I’ll review the film when I get back.


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