Brock defends Madonna’s – Superbowl Halftime performance…

During the Halftime Superbowl which had the legendary Queen of Pop, Madonna, performing with Cirque Du Soleil, feedback of the performance started filling up my news feed in facebook. Mostly negative feedback. People saying hateful things about Madonna.

No matter what you think of the Madonna performance, she didn’t get hired for the Superbowl for nothing. She had quite the legendary career. In order for a band or an artist to get the opportunity to perform the Superbowl, they must have a legendary career. That’s what Madonna has. A legendary career, so she is qualified enough to get the Superbowl gig. I think she deserves it.

I think Cirque Du Soleil was interesting. Madonna has always been well known to perform on stage with a bunch of dancers, she’s been doing that stuff for years. Even if Madonna’s performance was lip syncing for sure, of course, (pretty much all Superbowl live performances from the past were lip synced, anyway), you still have to hand it to her.

She did really good dancing up there. I was pretty impressed with her dancing skills. She still has it with the dancing. Not bad for a 53 year old woman, right? She was doing some pretty physical and technical dance moves up there. She also looked really good up there too. She did look a little nervous, but she pulled it off.

I thought she did a good job. She didn’t do anything sexual and she didn’t do any lesbian stuff or anything like that. She didn’t do anything stupid or controversial just to get media attention. She concentrated on the performance and music part of things.

She’s all done with the sexual stuff, ’cause that’s not her anymore. She maybe crazy and wild in her younger years, but she’s too old for that stuff now. No matter what you think of that performance, she still has it with the dancing. Madonna is an entertainer, and a rock & pop artist. I did like her song selections tonight too.

I’ve always respected Madonna. Even though I don’t like her current music today, I’ll always like her classic stuff more. People should give her the respect for that performance ’cause she certainly got mine. She did a great job!





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